Forest and geology educational trail

(Pekel Cave)

After visiting the Pekel Cave, you can take a nicely arranged trail through surrounding woods and meadows. It is little over 2 km long and leads around the cave. The trail is a perfect way for people, young or old, to learn about nature and its phenomena.

Many information boards along the trail provide you with interesting knowledge about forest, nature, ecology, karst and karst phenomena. There are 13 of such information points along the trail, but also many other interesting sights, for example a lime-kiln, fossil remains, a karst polje with sinkholes, and a wildlife observation point. You can refresh with spring water in the cool shade of oak and pine trees at the top of the trail. Direction signs with an owl logo will lead you along the trail, so there would be no chance of you getting lost.


Trail length: 2.3 km
Difference in altitude: 131 m
Duration: at an easy pace 90–120 minutes
Difficulty: undemanding excursion

For guidance along the trail and other information, please contact Slovenia Forest Service:

Savinjska 59

+386 3 57-18-588

+386 41 657-609 (Mr. Petrič)
+386 41 657-600 (Mr. Vočko)